School Uniform

The school uniform at Robins Lane Primary School consists of:


Navy Blue Sweatshirt*
Light Blue Polo Shirt*
Grey Trousers
Grey Socks
Sensible Black Shoes


Winter:                                                                                         Summer:

Navy Blue Cardigan* or Navy Blue Sweatshirt*                             Navy Blue Cardigan*
Light Blue Polo Shirt*                                                                    Light Blue Chequered Summer Dress
Navy Blue Skirt or Tunic or Grey Trousers                                   White Ankle socks                       
Navy Blue Socks                                                                            Sensible Black Shoes
Sensible Black Shoes

Long hair should be tied back at all times and NO jewellery must be worn.


Indoor P.E./ Dance (All)

Navy Blue Shorts
Royal Blue T-Shirt with house colour circle and school logo*

Outdoor P.E./ Games (KS2)

Navy Blue Shorts
Royal Blue T-Shirt with house colour circle and school logo*
Jogging Bottoms/ Tracksuit (optional)

Swimming trunks (not shorts) for boys, one piece swimming costume for girls. NO jewellery must be worn.


The school is not responsible for items of property brought into school which get damaged or lost, although every effort will be made to find any lost property. Please ensure everything is named.

Below is a list of the uniform you can purhcase from our school, as well as the prices for all sizes of each item. Unfortunately, we currently do not sell trousers or skirts. You can purchase the below items by contacting our school office.

Sweatshirts: £9.00

Polo Shirts: £8.00

Cardigans: £12.50- £13.50

P.E. T-Shirt:  £7.00

P.E. Shorts:  £4.00

Book Bag: £5.00

Pump Bag: £4.00

Baseball Cap: £6.00


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Contact the School

Robins Lane Primary School

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Mr David Spruce

Main Contact:
Mrs Clare Roberts - School Business Manager

Tel: 01744 678503
Fax: 01744 678504